About Us

Bees are a vital part of the Texas ecosystem. Kept on farms, in backyards, on balconies and in high-rise rooftops, bees can be found all across the state of Texas. However, due to colony collapse disorder, that number is steadily decreasing. Since 2006, beekeepers have seen the number of bees lost to winterkill increase dramatically. Integral to maintaining biodiversity, bees play a large role in maintaining native plant communities and agricultural crops.

Bee Educated was launched in 2016 by Dee Lynn Braman as an effort to educate her community about the bee population collapse. Bee Educated, serves as a non-profit organization dedicated to educating youth about honey bees and involving the public in efforts to preserve the species and habitat.

Through educational events, resources and retail products, Bee Educated and Bee Organic provide Texans the opportunity to engage with a nationwide problem by becoming more informed citizens. making better purchasing decisions and taking action to prevent colony collapse disorder.

For more information on how to get involved with Bee Educated, please visit our contact page.

  • Keep Texas Buzzing

    At Bee Educated, it is our mission to “Keep Texas Buzzing” by spreading the word on the importance of not just saving our honey bees but also on the vital role they play in our eco-system. Please call or visit our retail store in Victoria, Texas, and pick up some of our “Keep Texas Buzzing” beauty products, clothing, and other great accessories so you too can Keep Texas Buzzing!

  • Bee Unique

    Bee Educated’s founder, Dee Braman, is one of the most unique women you’ll ever meet. Dee hand picks every item in our store and when an item sells out, it’s gone forever. If you’re passionate about saving our honey bees, stop by our store and check out our “Bee Unique” beauty products, clothing, and other great accessories so you, too, can “Bee Unique” like Dee!

  • Bees Keep it Local

    At Bee Educated, we always buy local, and so do our honey bees! Did you know that buying honey from your local region will help you with your allergies? Come to our store and check out our locally grown products and help us spread the word on the importance of protecting the honey bees!

  • Bee Natural

    Charitable services, namely, promoting public awareness of environmental issues related to bees

  • Un-Bee-Lievable

    Make sure to come by often and check out our Un-Bee-Lievable sales!! From lip balm, lotion, and soap, to shirts, hats, and socks, you can go out in style while helping us spread the word about saving the honey bees.