Looking for more information on Bees? Check out this list of great online resources!

  • Bee Informed

    Dedicated to working with beekeepers to better understand which management practices work best, this organization gathers data and performs research that is then shared with the bee industry.

  • International Bee Research Association

    IBRA promoted the value of bees by providing information on bee science and beekeeping worldwide.


    This honey bee research association works to prevent colony losses.

  • Pollinator Partnership

    The largest non-profit organization dedicated exclusively to the protection and promotion of pollinators and their ecosystems.

  • American Beekeeping Federation

    A national organization that works to ensure the future of the honey bee by working with beekeepers of all sizes.

  • American Honey Producers Association

    An organization dedicated to promoting the common interest and general welfare of the American Honey Producer.

  • Honey Bee Health Coalition

    This collaborative partnership brings together beekeepers, researchers, government agencies, agribusiness, growers, conservation groups and more to improve the health of honey bees. Check out their website for some great videos!

  • Classroom Hives

    Want to add a honeybee hive to your classroom? Get all the information you need here!

  • Xerces Society

    A nonprofit focused on the conservation of invertebrates and their habitats.

  • Texas Beekeepers Association

    An organization representing all Texas Beekeepers. Discover modern approaches to Texas beekeeping on their website.